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By Simon | November 21, 2017

Miles Weston profile pictureMiles Weston is the administrator of the Norfolk Broads Forum, a site that provides promotion and information about the Norfolk Broads.
Miles has been a customer with Unlimited Web Hosting since 2013, and moved the hosting of the Norfolk Broads Forum to us in May of 2017. He currently uses our Web Hosting package with the Plesk control panel for his hosting requirements.
Miles’s website relies on the services that Unlimited Web Hosting provides “very heavily”, and he rates our customer service as “second to none”, adding that “customer support is fast, reliable and beneficial”. As a result, Miles states that he would “certainly recommend Unlimited Web Hosting to other businesses”.
In terms of improvements to Unlimited Web Hosting’s current services, or services that could be provided in the future, Miles has a number of suggestions. He would like to see an improved website builder, access to website statistics and an automated, scheduled database backup. In addition, Miles would also like to see a more streamlined sign-in process for the control panel, as well as Android applications to enable him to manage his websites on the go.
All customer suggestions are passed on to Unlimited Web Hosting’s management and development team, with our site and services constantly being reviewed and improved based on this feedback.
You can find out more about the Norfolk Broads Forum at the links below.
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