Choosing a domain name

Choosing a domain name

Posted August 18, 2016 by Unlimited

In this blog post we’ll be explaining some do’s and don’ts of picking your domain name.

First, lets take a look at extensions.


Examples of extensions include, .com and .net. There are literally hundreds of extensions (also referred to as TLDs, or Top Level Domains), with by far the most popular being .com, with being popular in the UK.

People in general are more familiar with .com and, although there is an argument for using one of the more unusual extensions like .club if you are setting up a site for a club for example.

More than one domain

Many businesses buy more than one domain, either as a way of protecting the brand (,, for example) or to market to specific areas of their business ( and for example).

Multiple domain names can also be setup to point to the same website, so that and redirect to one website.

Choose a domain that matches your company name

A fairly obvious point, but having your domain name match your company name makes your business look more professional, and your customers are going to find you easily and quickly on the web.

Brainstorm ideas

Write down as many ideas for website names as you can, and then use our domain checker to see if the domains are available. Also, try to think in terms of keywords, what are people going to be typing into google to find your business? Many of our customers find us by searching for “web hosting” or “unlimited hosting”, so the domain name is perfect for us.

Make it easy to remember

Avoid domain names that are hard to spell, or are spelt differently to how they sound. Also, avoid using lots of numbers or long domains, these are more likely to be remembered wrongly or written down incorrectly.

Think of a domain that you could tell somebody over the phone and they could write it down without asking you to repeat yourself or ask for a spelling of the domain.

Make it a memorable domain

With the vast number of site out there nowadays it’s hard to find a unique short domain name. This is where the more unusual extension names come in handy. Whereas may be taken, you might be able to get for example.

Beware of copyright

Companies like Apple and Microsoft don’t look kindly on people setting up sites called or, and many smaller businesses may also not be too happy if your domain name is too close to theirs.

By the way, if your preferred domain name is taken, it’s sometimes worth seeing if the domain name is being used or is just “parked.” If it is not in use you can look up who owns the domain using whois, then you can contact the domain owner and see if they are willing to sell it.

This is rarely cheap, but it’s an option if you have your heart set on a particular domain name.

Avoid using hyphens

People often miss out the hyphens when typing a domain name, so avoid names like

Don’t be overly specific

If you choose a domain name like, if your business expands at a later date to include other areas you may miss out on business as people assume you only operate in Cheshire. Try to choose a domain name that is more general and not geographically specific.


Take your time when choosing your domain name, as it can have a big impact on your sites success. The key is research, use keywords in google to search for your competitors and see what domain names they are using, and don’t be afraid to ask other peoples opinions.

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