Why SEO is still a vital part of your marketing efforts in 2019

Why SEO is still a vital part of your marketing efforts in 2019

Posted September 23, 2019 by Lee

SEO has been around for so long that you might be starting to think of it as old hat. The truth is that it is still as relevant as ever – and still remains one of the most vital elements of any marketing campaign. Here’s why you can’t stop working on your SEO – at least, not yet.

It’s user-driven

Google’s algorithm is set up to work best for the users who are search through their website. This means that they want to be able to provide the best and most relevant results – and while the constant changes may feel as though they are designed to trick you, they are actually just for the benefit of the users.

This means that if your website ticks all of the SEO boxes for the current algorithm, you are also serving your potential customers in the best possible way. Just look at some of the factors that go into pushing sites up in the rankings: being mobile friendly to suit the fact that the majority of web use is now down on smartphones and tablets, loading quickly to suit the short patience levels of modern users, and offering the most relevant possible results from the most trusted sites so that users can get the information they need easily.

All of these factors, should you tick them off, will make you more popular with users and more likely to make sales. In other words, having good SEO actually means serving your customers well.

Search is still king

Many customers are starting to shop through social media, particularly where younger generations are concerned. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t searching for products anymore. In fact, search is still king, and is still the main way that customers will find your online store or services website.

Having a good social network page is actually an example of good SEO, too. If you have a lot of followers and engagement on Instagram, for example, then your Instagram link might actually be the thing that shows up first in search results – rather than your own website. This is still fine, because anyone who views your Instagram page will also have the opportunity to click through the link in your bio and go visit your site. You can make sales this way due to the social proof of your successful account.

Understanding keywords drives marketing

If you’re looking at SEO, then you should already have a good understanding of what keywords are relevant to your business and which ones you are focusing on the most.

Which is great, because you need keywords to do any kind of digital marketing.

Ads should include keywords as well as being targeted for those who might be searching for or interested in those particular terms. If you are posting campaigns on social media, you need to use hashtags which include and are directly linked to your keywords. Those short words and phrases are driving our experiences online, and by extension, our shopping habits. If you have a good handle on them through your SEO, your marketing campaigns are going to be that much more successful.

SEO goes through many changes, but that does not mean that it stops being relevant. In fact, as we continue to use mobile devices more and more, it will likely only continue to be more important. With intuitive searching and the ability to ask a smart home speaker for web results, getting your SEO right could net you a whole new world of opportunities.

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