What is VPS Hosting?

Posted on May 11, 2016

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) uses virtual servers to divide a hardware server up into smaller, private, servers. Each server behaves as is if it was on it’s own server, and is completely isolated and private from the other servers. By sharing the hardware server that they run, virtual servers are cheaper than would be the case if it was on it’s own hardware server.

Our VPS solution uses one of our large cloud clusters, rather than divide multiple physical servers. This is the same fast and reliable architecture that we use on our cloud hosting servers. This includes 15K rpm SAS or fast SSD disk drives for storage and protection against hardware failure. In short, it’s big iron architecture but at a low price.

There are a number of advantages to using a VPS over traditional hardware solutions, including scalability and performance. See below for more details or contact us to discuss your requirements.



Flexible Specification

Your VPS can be customised to your requirements

Only pay for what you use. You can fully customise your VPS to precisely and scale up and down as your requirements change.


High Performance Storage

Our VPS servers use only 15K rpm SAS or fast SSD

Slow storage causes issues with even the best specification, which is why we use high speed drives in our virtual server architecture. Also, you can scale your storage requirements without any downtime.


ServerCare Support

Free assistance from our experts

When you sign up for VPS Hosting with Unlimited Web Hosting you also get out ServerCare support package, which gives you access to expert assitance with your managed server.


Firewall Protection

Enterprise-class managed firewall supplied as standard

Our hosting package for VPS includes a managed enterprise-class firewall as standard, ensuring that your server is protected from internet based threats.


Unlimited Traffic

Use as much traffic as you like at no extra cost

A fast specification requires traffic to communicate with the world, with today’s media heavy content this can mean there will be times where ther is a high demand from traffic. Our subsciption doesn’t impose total traffic limits, and the only charge you will pay is your recurring sunscription.



Plesk, cPanel or Webmin

Optional control of your VPS using either cPanel, Plesk or Webmin.

While root shell access is powerful, it can be complicated. As an alternative, we can install Webmin free of charge or we can provide Plesk or cPanel for a low monthly fee.



Remote Control

Reboot, stop and start your VPS on command

Even the best, most stable servers need maintenance from time to time. We provide an easy to use control panel with which you can reboot, start and stop your VPS.


Want to know more?

You can find out more about our VPS Hosting package here, where you can also use our VPS costing interface to customise your package.

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