How to dramatically improve your blog

How to dramatically improve your blog

Posted October 10, 2019 by Lee

Your blog is a labour of love – many of us start out blogging with no incentives, and it’s hard to even start to earn money from doing this. Even when you start to make an income, blogging is still hard, and staying motivated every week is tough. But if you want better results, you should always be striving to improve your blog. Here are some quick and easy ways to make a difference, right now, that will dramatically improve your blog.

Update old posts

Your old posts are just sitting around, doing nothing – but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t reading them. A reader who has just found your blog might even want to start from the beginning – so if your old posts are a lower level of quality, then you might lose readers quite quickly.

Go back and improve and update old posts, especially those that are still getting some traffic. Add new updates, put in some fresh content, and revamp them to your current style. You can add new, improved images or make notes about changes that have happened since you wrote this post.

This will help every post on your site to work for itself, so that it doesn’t matter where new readers jump in. You will be just as likely to gain new fans from any of your old posts – and you will rank higher in search results because your content is newer.

Add links

We can end up being a bit tight-fisted with links, because we know that companies will pay to have them put in. But that’s not useful to our readers, who might want to research more on a given topic or try out the same things that you do.

Put value to your readers first, and add in links to support any statistic or claim you make as well as showcasing the products that you use. If you can get affiliate links from the companies you want to work with, so much the better, but don’t keep your sources to yourself just because you don’t want to give away links for free. Adding links that back up what you are saying will make your site more trustworthy and credible, and more useful to your readers.

Refresh your imagery

Good photography is a hallmark of a good blog. Whether you are writing about fashion, tech, food, or any other subject under the sun, you need to present compelling and beautiful images alongside your words.

An easy way to do this, if you take pictures yourself, is to upgrade to professional equipment and learn how to do this properly. Afterwards, you might need to go back and replace your old shots with something better, as we suggested above.

If you use stock photography, you might also want to consider going for something more unique. Stock sites like Unsplash provide beautiful free images, but the problem is that everyone has access to them. This means that your images are far from unique, and might be used on every blog out there. If you pay just a little extra – even less than £1 an image – you can get something that will look more unique and exciting.

When building a blog, it’s easy to think too much about SEO and how to get better rankings as well as drawing in advertisers or paid collaborations. If you focus on providing good content to your readers instead, you are bound to see better results. The more people enjoy your blog, the better chance you have of earning a living from it!

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