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Prerequisite Information

To transfer a domain to us you must be able to manage the domain via your current registrar. If that's us contact support


  1. Check that domain is not currently locked (clientTransferProhibited). This will prevent issues later that could lead to increased waiting times. If you're unsure how to unlock your domain please visit your current registrars website for more information, for example this is the procedure at GoDaddy.
  2. [For a or other UK TLD] You need to ask your existing domain provider to change the IPS TAG on the domain to ours which is 'UNLIMITED'. Once this has been completed, the transfer will continue.
    [For a .com, net, .org or other TLD] Request an authorisation code (EPP code) from your current registrar, this will be required in the next step.
  3. To transfer your domain to us you will need to initiate the transfer process by visiting this area of our website.

    unlimited webhosting domain transfer menu

  4. Now, configure your domain by adding all the relevant information including, registrant name.

    unlimited webhosting domain configuration menu

  5. Congratulations, you can now complete the domain transfer process through the checkout area.

Domain transfers typically take 24-48 hours.

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