What is Plesk Panel?

The Plesk control panel is offered to Unlimited Web Hosting customers to give them full control over their web hosting services.

Our Linux-based hosting platforms use Plesk control panel, which is accessed via your browser, which allows you to monitor various aspects and change settings of your web server.

Resource-allocation parameters can be set for individual domains and/or clients by the administrator, using site and client templates.

Plesk offers users the possibility to easily install web applications using the (APS) Application Packaging Standard. APS packages are updated by the packaging vendor when a security update is made available.


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Screenshot of Plesk controls

Ease of use

The intuitive controls and clear layout of the Plesk user interface ensure that managing your web server is hassle free.

Screenshot of Plesk mobile monitor

Monitor from mobile

You can check the status of your server from anywhere via your smartphone or other mobile device.

Screenshot of Plesk applications

Broad functionality

Plesk is packed with features that make managing your web server simple and help you to get the most out of your service.


We're responsible for...

  •   Server software and hardware
  •   Network and power availability
  •   Server security
  •   Mail server and web server configuration

So all you need to worry about is...

  •   Managing your email accounts and files
  •   Managing plug-ins
  •   Managing third party apps
  •   Creating an amazing website


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Frequently asked questions

The Plesk control panel is used to manage various aspects of your Premium Hosting package, including:
  • The management of domains on your hosting
  • The creation and management of FTP accounts
  • Managing and creating email accounts
  • DNS settings management
  • Accessing logs to diagnose any problems or conflicts with your websites or hosting
We don’t charge you for the Plesk control panel, it is included completely free of charge with your Premium Hosting package.
We use the most recent and stable version of Plesk available, and we update as soon as a new fully functional version is cleared for release. We post announcements on our blog, our Facebook and our Twitter feed when these updates are rolled out.
We provide you with LetsEncrypt installed as standard on your Plesk Premium Hosting package, which ensures that all of your hosted websites have SSL protection.
We offer over 200 web applications that you can install via Plesk, if you would like to know more about the wide selection of apps that we provide you with you can see the complete list here on our applications list page.
99.99% Uptime

99.99% Uptime

Our cloud hosting services run on load balanced and redundant clusters, which allows us to maintain 99.99% service uptime and deliver superior performance.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our product that we will refund your subscription fees if you are not satisfied with our service during the first 30 days of your subscription.

UK Based Services

UK Based Services

Our services are supported by our knowledgeable and friendly staff across the UK and supplied from UK datacentres to provide low-latency and high performance across Europe.

No Setup Fee or Contract

No Setup Fee or Contract

We believe in retaining business through exemplary service, rather than the small print in a long-term contract, so you can cancel at any time without penalties or cancellation fees.