Reported Downtime (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - Plesk Cloud 12 (CloudLinux)
  • We are investigating reports of downtime on Cloud12.

    We will update you shortly.

    UPDATE : 16:19pm - We are still working to restore Cloud12. We are working with senior engineers to restore connectivity as soon as possible.

    UPDATE: 21:10pm - We have restored connectivity to the server, however MySQL is still down. We are investigating this, and working to resolve it.

    UPDATE: 23:42pm - We are having to restore MySQL Data from a backup, due to corruption in INNODB. This process may take several hours. We will update when we have completed this.

    Unlimited Support Team

  • Date - 22/03/2017 11:22
  • Last Updated - 22/03/2017 23:45