VPS Hosting with Solid State Drives (SSD)

Our Premium Hosting and VPS Hosting use enterprise grade Solid State Drives (SSDs). SSDs transfer information faster than standard hard drives, and ensure that you get the optimal speed from your VPS installation.

In addition to being faster, solid state drives are more reliable than hard disk drives (HDDs), as they have no moving parts.

SSDs have a number of other benefits over HDDs, including:

  • SSDs draw less power than HDDs
  • SSDs require less time to boot up
  • SSDs have no moving parts, which means no vibration and no noise
  • SSDS have faster read and write speeds than HDDs
  • SSDs are unaffected by magnetism
  • SSDs have a lower failure rate compared to HDDs
Regular Backups


Our solid state drives ensure you have a lower rate of drive failure, helping you to minimise downtime.

Ease of Use


Our lightning fast SSDs serve your customers with content while ensuring the page load times that todays web users expect.

Fast Recovery

Lower Power Draw

The lower power draw of our SSDs uses less electricty, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of your VPS.