Online Marketing Tips for 2018

Online Marketing Tips for 2018

Posted March 14, 2018 by Unlimited

In this blog post we will be looking at ways that you can market your business digitally, promote your products or services and increase awareness of your brand.
Trends come and go in online marketing, in this article we will be looking at the best strategies for 2018.

Actively use social media

The number of people using social media continues to grow, and as a result this is a great area to look at for attracting new customers.
You should look towards visually interesting posts, and in particular videos and animations. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all have video and live streaming support, which enables you to broadcast live events and product launches.

Build a content marketing strategy

It’s likely that businesses will always use traditional advertising to some degree, but your customers are more likely to engage with your products through content.
Your existing and potential customers don’t want to be bombarded with adverts and may even use adblocking software in their browser. A short video or brief blog post informs the customer about your product in a more interactive way.

Develop an email marketing strategy

Email marketing declined a few years back, but it is making a return. With the rise of smart phones and other mobile devices, internet users are checking their emails and receiving notifications more frequently.
By combining your email strategy with your content marketing strategy you can keep your customers aware of your brand and informed about your products.
Avoid overtly marketing and advertising types of emails, focus on emails that will beneficial, such as advice, tips, guides and mini blogs.

Optimise your website’s content for voice searches

2017 saw more and more people starting to use virtual assistants and smart speakers. Services like Google Home and Amazon Echo allow the user to search the web just by asking a question, with the service the telling you the top results.
Whereas a user is likely to search in a browser “best Manchester restaurants” for example, a voice search could be “what are the best restaurants in Manchester?”. By moving your focus on to long tail keywords and phrases you can capture a lot of traffic that your site may otherwise miss.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

Every aspect of your digital marketing strategy needs to be optimised for mobile devices. The majority of web users now browse the internet using a mobile device, particularly when it comes to social media.
This trend is unlikely to change, so not making your site easily browsable on mobile devices is just throwing business away. Your site should be responsive as standard, but you can also look in to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).


The face of digital marketing is changing fast, and hopefully these tips will help your business to continue to develop and expand.
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