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Fully supported VPS Cloud Hosting with 100% SSD

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Dedicloud Entry: An ideal starting point for development projects or websites/applications with low resource requirements.

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VPS Hosting

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1 CPU Core(s)

20GB SSD Disk Space

1GB Memory (RAM)

Unlimited Bandwidth

CentOS 7.5 Operating System

Optional Control Panel

FREE Daily Backup (Included)

Enterprise Firewall Protection

Fully Supported VPS Service

Payment Options

First Month: £4.50 Renews at £8.99 per month.

Pay Yearly: £107.88

What is VPS Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server ("VPS") is traditionally created using virtualisation technology to divide a larger server into smaller 'virtual' servers, each privately isolated from the other virtual servers on the host. Because virtual servers share the same underlying hardware, the costs to the consumer are cheaper than it would be to rent a physical ("Dedicated") server alone.

We take a slightly different approach; operating our enterprise cloud platform, based in Manchester UK. Rather than dividing multiple physical servers, our UK VPS solutions utilise large cloud clustering, featuring the same super-fast and reliable architecture as our hosting and reseller services. Our fast SSD storage platform, load distribution, enterprise firewall and UK networking are just some of the features we employ at our UK datacentre.

All of our Unlimited VPS Hosting solutions are fully scalable - allowing you to upgrade your cloud VPS as demand on your website or application increases - don't box yourself and your customers in with an off-the-shelf solution. Fully scalable, fully managed cloud VPS packages start from as little as £8.99 per month.

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Custom Specification

Flexible Specification

Customise your VPS to your requirements. You shouldn't pay for what you don't need and won't use. As such you can fully customise your VPS to precisely match your needs, whether large or small.

Fast SSD Storage Platform

SSD Storage as Standard

Our VPS servers use only fast SSD drives. Slow storage strangles even the best specification. Our VPS servers use fast SSD drives. And what's more, you can increase the storage allocated to your VPS without downtime.

Full VPS Support Provided

Fully Supported VPS

Expert assistance when managing your server. Not everyone knows how to manage their own server. If you require help then don't worry - your subscription includes our ServerCare support package for expert assistance when required.

Managed Enterprise Class Firewall

Enterprise Firewall

Managed enterprise-class firewall supplied as standard. We provide a managed enterprise-class firewalling solution as standard, giving you peace of mind that your server is well equipped to deal with the various threats on the Internet.

Unlimited Premium UK Bandwidth

Unlimited UK Bandwidth

Use as much traffic as you like - there's no extra cost. An incredible specification needs traffic to talk to the world, and today's media-heavy content can use a lot of it. Don't worry, we don't impose total traffic limits and your recurring subscription is the only charge you'll pay - no matter your total usage.

VPS with cPanel or Plesk

Optional: cPanel or Plesk

Optional control of your VPS using either Plesk, cPanel or Webmin. Root shell access is powerful, but it can be complicated. We can provide Plesk or cPanel for a low monthly fee, or we can install Webmin free of charge.

Remote Server Control

Remote Control

Start, stop and reboot your Dedicloud VPS on command. Even the most stable of servers sometimes needs a little maintenance. We provide an easy to use control panel to start, stop and reboot your Dedicloud VPS.

UK Based Servers and Support

100% UK Based

Our hardware is owned and operated from two datacentres in Manchester, UK. We employ a multi-homed BGP routed network border using multiple premium transit providers, such as Level 3, Cogent and Hurricane Electric.

Best VPS Hosting UK

Highly Recommended

With over 9 years in business – we know what we are doing to say the least. Our customers often refer to us as "the best" hosting company due to our highly knowledgeable support team, fast network speeds, and our excellent uptime.

Why choose VPS Hosting?

Our highly customisable Virtual Private Server Hosting package can be tailored to your requirements.

You can specify the number of CPU cores, the amount of memory and the size of the solid state disk using our easy to use “Build Your Own VPS” interface. Alternatively, you can choose one of the four VPS packages that we offer.

Our VPS Hosting package uses virtualisation technology to split a large server into a number of smaller virtual servers. Each virtual server acts as if it was a single server, completely separate from other virtual servers that may be sharing the physical server. This enables us to keep the cost lower than if you were using a sole use physical server.

This package includes high performance solid state storage as standard, and you can increase or reduce your SSD storage to match your requirements with high availability.

As well as some of the features offered by our other hosting packages such as unlimited traffic, we also provide you with our ServerCare support package, included in the price.

If you are unsure about your requirements then please get in touch.

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UK VPS Hosting with SSD

UK VPS Hosting with SSD

Our UK based VPS hosting packages with 100% SSD storage includes:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer
  • Free ServerCare Support
  • Full Root/SSH Access
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Optional cPanel/Plesk Control Panel
  • 30-Day Money Back Promise

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of VPS packages, and you can also customise your VPS to your own specification. Generally speaking, a VPS is ideal for when you want to be able to manage your web space’s resources without sharing them with other users.

We offer you a choice between Webmin, Plesk or cPanel control panels, however you don’t have to use these if you would prefer to use your own solution.

Yes, you can change the specification of your VPS as your requirements change. You can easily add or remove resource on a monthly basis by contacting our support team. There are no hidden costs or fees for changing your requirements, all that will change is your monthly subscription fee.

Yes, you have access to the same great support that we provide for our other hosting solutions. In addition to this, we include our ServerCare Support package at no extra charge, providing you with assistance from experts when needed.

You only ever have to pay us your recurring subscription payment. We don’t charge any setup fees, there are no hidden fees for our services and should you decide to leave us, there are no cancellation fees either.

We are confident that you will be happy with our services, however if you decide you would like to cancel for any reason in the first 30 days, we will refund you the subscription cost of your service.

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