Secure Hosting

Secure Web Hosting features are included as standard with all of our web hosting services to enhance your website security and keep you safe from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

Automatic Malware Scanning

Daily virus scanning with advanced enterprise-level tools across our entire platform.

Malware Detection

If malicious code is detected we will provide guidance on the necessary steps to take to secure your website to ensure that your website remains secure and free from potential vulnerabilities.

On-Demand Scanning

Our on-demand scan feature available in cPanel allows you to validate the effectiveness of your fixes and confirm that your website is free from malware, adding an extra layer of assurance.

WordPress Hardening

Our WordPress Hosting and Premium Hosting plans include one-click hardening to assist you in implementing best-practice WordPress security measures to keep your WordPress site secure.

Free SSL Certificates

Having an SSL certificate is crucial for securing data, building trust with visitors, and ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR. It not only protects your customers, but also positively impacts your website's credibility, search engine ranking, and overall user experience.

To ensure that every website hosted with us benefits from a secure sockets layer, we offer a free SSL certificate provided by LetsEncrypt; these cover all domains, subdomains and aliases.

Learn how to install a Free SSL Certificate

Free Daily Backups

Free automatic backups to an off-site location on a daily basis.

Daily Backups

All of our shared web hosting plans include free automatic backups to an off-site location on a daily basis, these are stored on a 14-day rotation.

Disaster Recovery

In addition to the customer-facing backups; we take nightly snapshots of our entire platform to an external location for disaster recovery purposes.


Our cPanel Hosting customers can access the self-service restore points within their control panel to restore their files, emails and databases.

Incoming & Outgoing Spam Filtering

We provide SpamAssassin as standard. SpamAssassin uses a robust scoring method to run checks against message headers and body text, and DNS blacklists to reduce the number of spam messages that reach your inbox.

All outgoing mail from our platform is delivered through MailChannels. This prevents spam from being sent from our secure servers and removes blacklisting concerns, providing a greater email deliverability experience for customers.

Premium Inbound Spam Protection

If you require a higher level of protection for your mailboxes, SpamExperts Incoming Filtering is also available as an add-on for our shared web hosting packages; this provides greater protection against eliminating spam, viruses and phishing emails before they even reach our network.

Get SpamExperts for your domain

Network Security

Keeping attackers away from your web hosting service.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks pose a constant threat to hosting providers and website owners. We utilise upstream DDoS mitigation to ensure our network can weather any attacks without disruption.

Web Application Firewall

A WAF is a security tool designed to prevent malicious attacks against web applications. The WAF acts as a barrier; analysing incoming requests to identify and block malicious users.

Data Centre Security

Our data center implements top-tier security, utilising a blend of biometric access controls, virtual tripwires, man-traps, turnstiles, and comprehensive perimeter fencing that encircles the facility.

Self-Managed Security Features

Take control of your web hosting security with these additional tools.

IP Blocker

The IP Blocker empowers you to block an individual IP address or a complete range of IP addresses from reaching your website.

Hotlink Protection

Hotlink Protection provides a safeguard against external websites directly linking to your resources (like images) hosted on your server.

Leech Protection

Leech Protection allows you to suspend and redirect users who have publicly posted their password to a restricted area of your website.

Two Factor Authentication

Secure your access to the hosting platform and your client area with secondary authentication; ensuring no unauthorised access to your account.

Directory Privacy

Set a password for specific areas of your website; when enabled the user will be prompted for a username and password to gain access.

Index Manager

Indexes allow you to control how a directory is displayed if there is no index file inside the directory; we recommend using noindex by default.


Secure Business Practices

In addition to all of the free security tools we offer with all of our shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting packages, we also follow a strict security protocol within our business too.

As a result of our strict security protocols; we have achieved the UK Government-backed CyberEssentials accreditation. This demonstrates that we adhere to recommended IT security practices to keep our customer data secure.

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