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Transfer your domain to Unlimited Web Hosting and save on lower renewal pricing; with no hidden charges or fixed-term contracts.

Why transfer to Unlimited?

We make the transfer process stress-free. Benefit from honest renewal prices and more...

Free UK Domain Transfer
Free UK Domain Transfers

Transfer your .uk or (or any other .uk) domain to our TAG – the whole process is super-fast and completely free!

Fast Domain Registration
Automated Process

Once you have placed the order and confirmed you wish to move your domain; we will take care of the rest for you automatically.

Nominet Registrar
Simple Management

Manage all aspects of your domain name via our easy-to-use client portal. Update your nameservers, auto-renew settings and more.

Domain Privacy
Affordable Prices

Our domain pricing is competitive and affordable; there are no hidden costs or "gotchas" like you see at other providers.

No Hidden Renewal Fees
No Transfer Out Fee

There is no charge to move your domain names away from us if you decide to leave in future, but we will be sad to see you go!

Anytime Renewal
Fast UK-Based Support

Our UK support team are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your domain names; we’re here to help!

Transferring your domain is easy...

Transfer your existing domain to Unlimited in a just a few steps!

Place an Order
Place an Order

To transfer your .UK domain to Unlimited; you must place an order first. Don't worry, it's completely FREE to do this!

Change Nominet IPS (Internet Provider Security) Tag
Change Nominet (IPS) TAG

You will need to ask your current provider to update the Nominet (IPS) Tag on your .UK domain to UNLIMITED

.UK Transfer Completed Instantly!
That's it!

That's it – your domain transfer will be completed almost instantly! You can now manage your domain from the client area.

Domain Authorisation Code
Authorisation Code

Ask your current provider for your domain authorisation code & ensure the domain is unlocked.

Place an Order
Place an Order

Place a domain transfer order via our website. You will need to enter the auth code from the previous step.

Confirmation Emails
Confirm The Transfer

We will send an email to the Admin Contact (usually instantly) to confirm – follow the link in the email to approve the transfer.

Step 1: Place an Order
That's it!

That's it – your domain transfer will be completed within approx 5 days. You can then manage your domain from the client area.

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