Issued In Minutes

Single Domain

Shows Browser Padlock

2048 Bit Encryption

128/256 Bit Encryption

$10,000 Warranty

Domain Validation

Pay Yearly: £19.99

2-3 Business Days

Single Domain

Shows Browser Padlock

2048 Bit Encryption

128/256 Bit Encryption

$50,000 Warranty

Business Validation

Pay Yearly: £39.99

Issued In Minutes

Multiple Sub-Domains

Shows Browser Padlock

2048 Bit Encryption

128/256 Bit Encryption

$10,000 Warranty

Domain Validation

Pay Yearly: £79.99
Extended (EV)

5-10 Business Days

Single Domain

Shows Green Address Bar

2048 Bit Encryption

128/256 Bit Encryption

$1,750,000 Warranty

Extended Validation

Pay Yearly: £99.99

SSL Certificates

On 6th August 2014, Google announced that they would be giving a higher weight to websites secured with appropriately issued 2048-bit SSL certification. Whilst initially suggesting only a modest increase in "ranking signal", it was also suggested that additional weight may be added in the future - presumably increasing the positive impact of SSL secured websites on search results.

SSL secured traffic has many benefits, not least giving your customers confidence in a professionally administered website which takes security seriously. However, this announcement has fired a starting gun in a race towards universal adoption of SSL secured website traffic, and we would suggest that you consider the potential benefits of SSL for your website.

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https:// Traffic

Secure Your Traffic

Improve customer confidence with SSL encryption. Everyone knows that securing website traffic with SSL encryption helps prevent interception of private data by third parties, but site-wide SSL encryption is now fast becomming expected by users and helps inspire confidence in a professionally run, security conscious website.

99.9% compatibility

Browser Compatibility

99.9% compatibility across users of current browsers. 2048-bit SSL certificates issued from our Certificate Authorities are trusted by over 99.9% of all current browsers, including Microsoft Edge (all versions), Internet Explorer 5.01 (and above), Firefox 1.0 (and above), Google Chrome (all versions), Apple Safari 1.2 (and above), Opera 6.1 (and above) and many others.

SEO Factor

Improve Search Ranking

Universal adoption of SSL is beginning. Don't get left behind. With Google indicating that websites secured with appropriately issued 2048-bit SSL certificates would achieve a higher "ranking signal" in search returns, it is recommended that the adoption of SSL should become a part of your overall SEO strategy.

Standard 128/256-bit

Strong Encryption

Industry standard cyphers and encryption. Certificates issued from our Certificate Authorities are all 2048-bit SSL with 128/256-bit encryption, which means they meet industry standards established by Certification Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum and which came into force on 31st December 2013.

HTTP, Email, DNS

Flexible Validation Options

Choose a validation level suitable for your website. As the level of validation increases, so does the burden of proof & together with the time taken to issue the certificate. And the price. You choose what validation you require.

3rd-Party Warranty

CA Warranty

A 3rd-party warranty acts as an insurance covering any damage resulting from a flaw in the SSL Certificate. The warranty is provided by the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) and NOT Unlimited Web Hosting UK Limited. Please see more information on the warranty here.

Why use SSL Certificates?

We offer four tiers of competitively priced SSL Certificates, so you can choose the certificate that matches your needs best.

Back in 2014 Google announced that they would be favouring sites that are secured with a properly configured SSL certificate. While at the time the increase in google ranking for SSL secure sites was small, there is evidence that over time secured sites receive better search result rankings then unsecured sites.

Securing your site with an SSL certificate improves customer confidence. Your potential customer may not know the details of how SSL makes your site safer, but they will know that the little padlock icon at the top of the screen is a good thing!

The certificates that we offer all use industry standard strong encryption. They are all 2048-bit with 128/256-bit encryption, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

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Premium SSL CertificatesSSL Certificates

Our premium SSL Certificates all offer a range of security features as standard:

  • HTTP/Email Validation
  • Secure Browser Padlock
  • 2048-Bit Encryption
  • 128/256 Bit Encryption
  • 3rd Party Warranty

All of this and more from only £19.99 per year. View our packages.

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