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By Simon | August 9, 2017

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Rob Bowditch is the owner and director of Celtic Digital Marketing, a company that provides their clients with web design, SEO and digital marketing services.
Rob has been with Unlimited Web Hosting for over four years, and currently uses our VPS Hosting service to host his own sites as well as those of his clients.
Rob likes the flexibility that our VPS Hosting provides his business, stating that “We have a number of clients that have different requirements, some are small sites that have little traffic, but we have one site that generates traffic with over 250,000 visits per year. Our requirements are changing and we find having the flexibility of upgrading useful.”
Celtic Digital Marketing rely on Unlimited Web Hosting to keep their business running smoothly, and to respond quickly when the unexpected happens. Rob goes on to say that “…sometimes like anything
the unexpected will happen. UWH have been amazing with their response to such events.”
In terms of the quality of service that Unlimited Web Hosting provides his business, Rob says that “I would honestly say that UWH has improved its services and support ten-fold over the last two years, I would honestly say the service is world class.”
In particular, Rob is impressed with the attitude and quality of service from the UWH technical support team.
“This is why I think I will never leave. Sometimes I have had issues where our company has made mistakes, and even though it’s not UWH responsibility to fix issues created by my company, that makes no difference, UWH has always looked to see if they can help us find the issue. This is so invaluable, having the knowledge and experience you guys have just looking over our shoulder in case anything happens has helped us retain clients.”
As a result of this, Rob has no reservations in recommending the services that Unlimited Web Hosting provide. “If anyone has any reservations or questions, contact us at Celtic Digital Marketing and we will share our experience gladly.”
In the future, as Celtic Digital Marketing’s client list continues to grow, Rob is considering moving to our Dedicated Server Hosting solution. We look forward to continuing to work with Rob and Celtic Digital Marketing.
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