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By Simon | August 16, 2017

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Robert Lee is the director and founder of UK 8020 CIC, a non-profit social enterprise that is registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC).
They specialize in a variety of humanitarian fields, including climate change, community mental health, counselling and keep fit activities. Their first social enterprise attracted the attention of Trevor Baylis OBE and Madonna, who became their patron.
Robert states that “As an internet based organisation, I needed good support and reliability to have any credibility with my supporters and the dignitaries that attended the London launch. Unlimited Web Hosting were of immense help enabling a smooth process in setting up my hosting requirements. Nothing was too much trouble which is something I have always remembered. We stayed with UWH and have now successfully added further community initiatives to our social enterprise portfolio.”
UK 8020 CIC have been with Unlimited Web Hosting for over seven years, and are currently using our Premium Hosting package. Robert feels this gives him the best balance between performance and affordability, and goes on to say that “My previous businesses were with other hosting companies mainly based in USA. I was never that impressed with the quality of customer support and response time. After looking around in the marketplace we found UWH and have stayed with them ever since. Best move we ever made!”
Robert’s non-profit company relies 100% on UWH for its hosting requirements, and in terms of the quality of service we provide Robert says “Is there another word better than excellent! Being fairly priced and affordable is simply not enough these days. Reliability is the name of the game and UWH scores high without question.”
In particular Robert rates our customer support very highly, stating that “Most of us, I think, were brought up to believe the Americans were the best at customer service. UWH proves this myth wrong. Virtually all my queries are responded to within minutes rather than hours. Best of all there is uniformity amongst the support staff. All are courteous, all are helpful, all knowledgeable and best of all nothing is too much trouble even if you have to ask a daft question as I do from time to time. I think that equates to excellent customer support.”
As a result, Robert has no hesitation in recommending the services that UWH provide, as Robert says “All businesses seek customer loyalty, and loyalty does not come without excellent service, so 7 years on I would not hesitate to recommend UWH. Give them a try with their money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.”
In terms of services that Robert would like to see changed and improved, he says that “Although I have never had any security issues, I am sure anything to keep on-top of those hacking tyrants would ensure reliability is maintained for all customers alike. This must be the most important issue striking down most businesses today.” We agree, and we are constantly looking for emerging security threats and updating our systems accordingly.
Please take the time to check out Robert’s sites and Twitter feed at the links below.
Counselling Changes Lives website
UK 8020 website
Oomph website
Artycurl website
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