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By Simon | November 15, 2017

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Yves LebrecYves Lebrec is the owner of two companies, lebrec.com which specialises in graphic design and noviumweb.com which provides affordable web design for local small businesses.
Yves has been with Unlimited Web Hosting since March of 2017, and he currently uses our Premium Web Hosting package, which is ideal for his requirements. Yves says “I need to host multiple small WordPress sites and email accounts, economically, without compromising on speed.”
In terms of how much his business relies on the services that Unlimited Web Hosting provides, Yves states,
“UWH’s hosting is essential to noviumweb.com, my small business website design model. It allows me to offer high-quality, low-cost web design solutions to my target market with an affordable fixed-cost model, without having to impose any restrictions on usage. The performance on shared SSD servers is excellent for small WordPress sites, and I suspect larger ones too. It’s just a perfect fit for my business model.”
Yves goes on to discuss the quality of our services,
“The variety of the services UWH provide are second to none. I have tested many different hosting platforms, locally and in the US, and none offer so many features, with such great speed, for such a low price. I used to have a WordPress dedicated hosting company for staging and development, which were good but charged a high price per site, as well as another UK low-cost hosting platform, which was ok, but with restrictions, and not that keen on support. After a trial period that proved more than conclusive, I moved all the sites to UWH, saving a few hundred pounds in the process, setup a local WordPress development environment, which speeds things up no end by the way, and when the client site is ready, it is moved to UWH’s SSD servers. Also, with UWH, I encounter none of the memory/server usage restrictions that certain plugins on other hosting platforms seem to create. Everything works. And at speed.”
Yves also rates Unlimited Web Hosting’s customer support very highly, as he goes on to say,
“Together with the unlimited features, it’s the best aspect of UWH for me. I’m not a newbie, but really not that technical either. With UWH as a hosting partner, I can concentrate on graphic design, knowing that any technical issue will be solved efficiently. And may I add that UWH technical support also take the time and effort to explain the reasons behind the solutions they give, which means I get to understand what I am doing, rather than just applying a fix to a problem, that I might otherwise repeat. So not only does this help me with my immediate problem, it is also instructive. I like this long-term approach. And the peace of mind. It’s priceless. And still £8.99/month.”
As a result, Yves would recommend our services to other businesses “without question”, and he goes on to say,
“I haven’t tried their dedicated server or their reseller platforms yet, but I’m pretty sure they are as good and as well supported as their more basic products. Another good point is that they don’t try to up sell you products. I thought I needed to upgrade to a more expensive service for one of my clients, but they showed me how to do it whilst staying with the same low-cost plan. That’s really reassuring, and again, a long-term approach to a business partnership.”
NoviumYves also has some suggestions for services that Unlimited Web Hosting could provide in the future,
“I’m happy as it is with the speed of my sites, but any feature that helps with speeding up WordPress sites in general would always be welcome. Maybe some kind of WordPress specific caching technology. Also, being able to transfer in domain names without charge would simplify things for me. I’d rather keep everything under one roof if possible.”
Finally, in terms of improvements or changes that could be made to our existing services Yves says,
“I always find that forums and discussions with other people facing similar challenges are a useful resource. Maybe guides on how to setup a WordPress development environment would also be useful, even if just to check that what I’m doing makes sense.”
As with all customer feedback, these suggestions have been passed on to the development team and management for consideration.
You can find out more about Yves’s businesses and get in touch with him at the links below.



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