Data Sub-Processors

Unlimited Web Hosting UK Limited

Data Processors for Unlimited Web Hosting UK Limited

Name Description
Nominet If you purchase a .uk domain (,,, .uk) your relevant details required to register the domain will be provided to Nominet.
OpenSRS If you register a domain with us, your relevant details required to register the domain will be provided to OpenSRS.
WorldPay We use WorldPay for the purpose of processing Card Payments. Name, Address and Card information are provided to WorldPay in order to process transactions.
PayPal We use PayPal to collect payments for our services. When purchasing from us, we provide PayPal with your Name and Address to process the transaction.
MaxMind Inc We carry out a Fraud Check when a new customer orders our services. We provide MaxMind with the Customer Name, Address, Email Address and IP Address for the Fraud Verification to be processed.
Namecheap If you purchase an SSL Certificate, we will provide your Name, Address and Email Address to Namescheap to process the SSL provisioning.
CrazyEgg We use CrazyEgg to help optimise the usability of our website. Your IP address is provided to CrazyEgg to collect session data on how you have used our website. Allowing us to develop it for further use.
Crisp Crisp is the software we have chosen to offer Live Chat on our website. When visiting our website, we provide Crisp with the users IP address and only when provided by the user, their Name and Email Address.
Slack We use Slack for our internal chat system. Details such as Customer Name and Email Address may be provided to Slack for Support purposes.
Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to monitor the usage of our website and for the use of statistic analysis. Details such as IP address, Web Browser are provided to Google Analytics when visiting our website.