Magento - PHP Fatal error: Class 'Locale' installing fix

Log into your Plesk control panel with your usual URL and Username/Password. Make sure you are under the ‘Websites and Domains’ tab and then click on the ‘PHP Selector’ option on the right hand side.

Magento install error fix

Note: If you are a reseller, you will need to access the PHP Selector using your customers account details rather than your own. With your own subscriptions, you will need to make a customer account and move the subscription to that account and then log in with those details. Failure to do these steps will result in a ‘You are not authorized to access the resource’ message.

Once inside the PHP Selector, you can enable different PHP modules by checking the box and then selecting Save. This is useful if application installs require certain modules to function properly. Ensure the modules dom, intl and xsl are all selected.

Magento install error fix

Click on PHP settings and select the memory limit.

If the memory_limit is not set to 512M, change it by clicking on the dropdown listbox and selecting 512M. Click on Apply, then click on the Save button.

Magento install error fix

Install Magento.

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