VPS Support

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Connect to the server with SSH

SSH or Secured Shell is a network protocol that allows you to connect and manage a server via a CLI or command line interface. This is perfect for power users who have more advanced knowledge. When used correctly, these commands can significantly increase the speed of administrative & development tasks.  Most Linux distributions & MacOS […]

Restart Plesk and its services

Restarting Plesk Sometimes, Plesk may encounter problems that can usually be fixed through a restart. If completed properly, this should have a minimal impact on uptime and result in no data loss. You will need a basic knowledge of the command line and using an SSH client. If this is something unfamiliar to you, please […]

Manage your VPS

A VPS or Virtual private server is perfect for anyone who wants more control over their website and its resources. Generally speaking, a Virtual private server is a more bespoke option for any web host or reseller to consider. At Unlimited Web Hosting, we aim to provide the best quality insights on making the most […]

Restart httpd

Apache or Apache HTTP server is open-source software which without lots of the internet would stop working. Apache is a middleman, it’s not a physical server, and it doesn’t hold actual content. This is because its purpose is to pull content from a server and serve it to the client machine via an HTTP request. […]

Install Plesk on a VPS

To install Plesk on a VPS you will need a basic understanding of CLI or the command line interface, this allows you to run commands directly on the server. As a VPS owner, this will be at the root level, so we advised caution when running some commands as they could damage any existing data. […]

Install cPanel on VPS

Installing cPanel on your VPS requires understanding the command line and its basic functions. On your VPS, you can use the command line at the root level, providing complete and total access. Furthermore, cPanel (WHM) is probably the most popular web hosting control panel software, and for good reason. Also, resellers can create neat packages […]