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Enable and Manage AccelerateWP

Take advantage of AccelerateWP to supercharge new & existing WordPress installations on our premium hosting platform and Managed WordPress hosting. AccelerateWP is tailor-made to increase the speed and performance of WordPress via advanced caching, image optimisation, minification & deferral and, 3rd-party CDN integration—all this and more through the user-friendly cPanel interface or directly via the […]

Remove Malware from WordPress

Malware has been around for a while. And, over time has come increased complexity. In its spread and, the obfuscation methods in place to prevent detection. Protecting against and tackling malware is a critical issue for individuals and businesses alike. Especially those with web hosting that relies on WordPress which dominates the CMS market with […]

Connect to the server with SSH

SSH or Secured Shell is a network protocol that allows you to connect and manage a server via a CLI or command line interface. This is perfect for power users who have more advanced knowledge. When used correctly, these commands can significantly increase the speed of administrative & development tasks.  Most Linux distributions & MacOS […]

Backup & Restore with JetBackup

The latest iteration of JetApps feature-rich backup & restore software that is easy to access straight from your cPanel control panel. JetBackup 5 builds on the existing features and design of JetBackup 4 with a fresh look and easy-to-use interface. All of our shared hosting customers including cPanel reseller hosting have access to JetBackup. And, […]

Enable, Disable and Clear Nginx Cache

Nginx pronounced Engine X is now enabled by default for all packages as a reverse proxy cache. The benefits of this type of caching are visible through an increase in the general speed and availability of your sites via caching. This works by saving a copy of site content, then returning this copy to the […]

Fix WordPress contact form

So, you’ve recently purchased WordPress hosting or installed WordPress on your site. When creating a WordPress site for your business, you need a contact page. Creating or adding a contact form will significantly aid communication between yourself and customers, potentially increasing leads and sales. Because you control inputs on the form, it also restricts unnecessary information. There […]

Use the cPanel file manager

The cPanel file manager supports the creation, uploading, editing, and deletion of files. If you’re a cPanel hosting customer, you have access to the tool. A GUI-based tool, it makes the navigation and alteration of an account’s files easy. Because of its simplicity, it makes short work of small tasks. An alternative to the tool […]

Edit the hosts file

The most common reason to edit the host file is to test a website before changing the ‘live DNS’ to complete a migration.  To do this, you should add lines as shown below: x.x.x.x mydomain.com x.x.x.x www.mydomain.com Replace ‘x.x.x.x’ the IP address of your service with ourselves, and mydomain.com with the domain for which you […]

View access logs

Within Plesk’s Apache logs browser feature, there are a few different types of Apache logs. Each log type has a distinct purpose and if utilised correctly can help troubleshoot any server problems that might arise. You might be trying to track down why a site suddenly went down. Checking the log type below will determine […]

Install WordPress

WordPress is a great tool for distributing content. It provides a user-friendly approach to building and maintaining a website through different plugins and helpful features. You can choose to install WordPress in a few ways, either manually or through either of our easy-to-use tools. Our WordPress hosting comes with WordPress pre-installed. Get WordPress hosting now! […]

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