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Remove Malware from WordPress

In this guide, learn about malware in WordPress, and ways to remove malware and secure your WordPress site for the future. Malware on WordPress Remove Malware Check WordPress IntegrityScan & Remove with ImunifyAV+Manually Scan & Remove Protect WordPress Reset PasswordsRemove Accounts Update WordPressUpdate PluginsCheck PluginsAvoid NulledSecurity PluginsOptional How does malware affect WordPress? How can I […]

How do I fix my contact form?

This guide is intended for WordPress, don’t use WordPress? Create a contact form in PHP now! So, you’ve recently purchased WordPress hosting or installed WordPress on your site. When creating a WordPress site for your business, having a contact page is a must. Creating or adding a contact form will significantly aid communication between yourself and customers, […]

How do I install WordPress?

WordPress is a great tool for distributing content. It provides a user-friendly approach to building and maintaining a website through different plugins and helpful features. You can choose to install WordPress in a few ways, either manually or through either of our easy-to-use tools. For cPanel hosting customers, installing WordPress is easy. Use either the […]

How do I deploy a backup?

Deploy WordPress backup; Now that you’ve made your WordPress backup, you need to know how to deploy it. This procedure is relatively simple and is almost the backup process in reverse. There are many reasons to deploy a backup of your site, the main being: user error (accidental deletion) or an issue with a plugin or […]

How do I create a backup?

In a hurry? Skip to the guide Importance of backing up  WordPress is a powerful website builder featuring both back & front end functionality through a CMS. Many CMS-type website builders exist, but WordPress is, without doubt, the most popular.  Creating a WordPress Backup is an important part of running a WordPress site. Regularly scheduled […]