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Prerequisite Information 

Please note that only customers with a VPS package can restart Apache and other services.
If you are on a shared hosting package please contact support.


  1. Log into Plesk, click on Tools & Settings - Click on Services Management

    Plesk Tools & Settings interface

  2. This will bring up a list of services, including Apache which may be at the top or bottom depending on the version of Plesk - Click on the cog wheel on the right to restart Apache.

    Plesk Tools & Settings - Services

  3. This banner will be displayed at the top of the page:

     Plesk Tools & Settings – Services [Restart]


  1. Login to your cPanel [WHM] area, search for Apache. Click HTTP Server (Apache)

    WHM Search Interface

  2. Click yes when prompted.
    Prompt for restarting Apache in WHM

  3. Wait for Apache to Restart.
    WHM Notice that Apache is restarting

  4. Apache has successfully restarted!

    WHM interface showing Apache has successfully restarted

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