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What’s in the logs?

Within Plesk's log browser feature there are many different log types. Each log type has a distinct purpose and if utilised correctly can help troubleshoot any server problems that might arise. You might be trying to track down the reason a site has suddenly gone down. Checking the log type below will determine the cause.

  • Apache error (error_log). This log contains diagnostic information. It also records any errors that the Apache web server encounters in processing requests.

For a full list of the different log types available please visit Plesk's information page.


  1. Go to the Control Panel for the domain in Websites & DomainsPlesk control panel list of different areas

  2. Scroll down to Logs and click on it.
    Plesk control area with different functions

  3. This will show entries from whichever logs are selected. In this screenshot all logs are selected so messages (if there any) from all logs will be displayed:
    Plesk log panel

  4. This screenshot shows the logs that are available. All are selected. Unselect by unticking the appropriate box:
    Plesk log panel with extended controls

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