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Why do I need custom nameservers?

To configure your custom nameservers you need to own or manage a domain.

Custom name servers help differentiate you from the competition.

  • As a reseller your clients will be able to easily distinguish your brand as the nameservers are associated with your domain. 
  • Uniformity provides a greater sense of security for your clients making your nameservers easily identifiable as part of your brand.
  • If you ever switch hosting provider your clients will not need to update nameservers. Giving you more freedom. 

Its important to note that if you intend on using a CDN (i.e Cloudflare) that you will need configure your custom nameservers with them.

How do I create them?

This involves advanced DNS settings. If you need assistance please contact support

  1. Head to the control panel were you manage the DNS for the domain you wish to use.
  2. In the DNS area create 2 new A records (One for each of the new nameservers).


Plesk DNS Editor


Setting up custom nameservers in cPanel/WHM is simple

cPanel DNS Editor

  1. These A records should appear as follows: - -

[ is a placeholder for your chosen domain]

  1. After the A records have been created, contact the domains registrar. Ask them to create glue records for your new nameservers.
  1. We will then add your new nameservers to the global list. Ensuring that when you update the client’s domains the new nameservers will be accepted.
  1. Please allow some time for the DNS to fully propagate. 

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