How do I point my domain at my Unlimited VPS? Print

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There are two methods that can be used to point domains into your Unlimited VPS.

1. Configure DNS at your domain provider.

If you select this method, you will need to make this change on each domain you wish to point in.

To do this you will need to alter the A records for the domain to point to your the IP of your VPS.

You may need to create additional A records depending on your needs. Example A records you may want are:


All will point to the IP of your VPS.

2. Create custom nameservers on your VPS.

On your VPS, log into plesk, click domains, click create domain.

Add the domain in there (make sure you tick the www box) (or use an existing one)

Then you need to create nameservers, you can use these for this domain and any future domain you put on the VPS. This is just a one time process. To do this:

a. Click domains, click on the domain, click DNS settings. Click Add record.
b. Add an A record ns1 with the IP of your VPS
c. Then add another A record ns2 with the IP of your VPS

Then, log in at your domain provider and create 2x static records (also knows as GLUE records) there called ns1 and both pointing to this IP.

Then you domain will be ready to use, just change the nameservers on the domain at your domain provider to ns1 and

If you want to then add further domains to your VPS, all you need to do is add the domain, then set its nameservers to the ones you created.

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