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Accessing Plesk

To access Plesk you will first need a Plesk hosting account. After purchasing, you will receive an automated Email from us providing you with full login details and a URL for your control panel. This will look similar to the below message. 

New Account Information
Hosting Package: Unlimited Web Hosting Premium (with Plesk)
First Payment Amount: £*** GBP
Recurring Amount: £*** GBP
Billing Cycle: Monthly
Next Due Date: **/**/****

Plesk Hosting Login Details
Plesk Username: User
Plesk Password: Pass
Plesk Control Panel URL: https://cloud***
(Once your domain has propagated, you may also use)

Click the Plesk Control Panel URL you should see a page similar to this. (If your browser states the the URL is "Not secured" please ensure that you're using https:// and not http://)

Plesk login area

From here please enter the username and password supplied within the email. You're now logged into your Plesk area. 

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