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How do I use Google Workspace? Print

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If you want to use the Google Workspace mail service to receive your e-mails, our system will support this.
Please follow the below steps:
  1. Log into your Plesk account and navigate to your domain name.
  2. Click Mail Accounts then Mail Settings.
  3. Untick Activate mail service on domain then click OK.
  4. Next click DNS Settings.
You now need to tick & delete your current MX records. 
From here please visit this article by google. As this will provide an in-depth, up-to date guide on MX configuration for Google Workspace. 
After you have configured the correct MX records, please ensure you click update DNS settings. DNS Propagation will now take place [Around 1 Hour].


Google Workspace mail is also supported in cPanel.
If you wish to configure it in cPanel please follow below:
  1. Log into your cPanel area. 
  2. Navigate to email routing under the email section.
  3. Click remote mail exchanger and change.
  4. From here you can navigate directly to the Zone Editor [Appears as a blue bar] 
  5. Click manage and enter the details from the bolded section above. 

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