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FTP or file transfer protocol allows you to easily upload, download, edit and view files within your account. To use this on our services you need to have:

  1. A valid account.
  2. FTP software for the purpose of this article we’re using Filezilla.

When you order any hosting service with us an FTP account is automatically created. The username and password, connection details for this account are contained within your welcome email.

There are a few benefits to setting up additional accounts including:

  • You can give authorised users the ability to use it without needing your main login details, this prevents them from accessing anything outside of what you want.
  • Accounts created in this way allow you to also set quotas letting you limit usage without limiting yourself.
  • Having multiple accounts allows multiple ftp connections and ftp transfers to take place simultaneously.

cPanel Setup

  1. Login to your cPanel control panel.
  2. In the “Files” section click FTP accounts.


  1. Create a login name.
  2. Generate or enter a password.
  3. Leave as default or enter a specific directory.
  4. Enter a quota value or set value as Unlimited.
  5. Click Create.


From this page you can manage all of the account/s information and quotas.


Plesk Setup

  1. Login to your Plesk control panel.
  2. In the domain area, click "FTP Accounts".


  1. Click "Add an FTP account".


  1. Create an FTP account name.
  2. Choose which directory to store the user in.
  3. Generate a password or use your own. 
  4. Click "Okay".


You should see the following.


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