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MySQL is a relational database management system or RDBMS. Within cPanel MySQL supports backend operation through allowing authorised access and manipulation of a database through SQL queries.

Without a database content management system type applications could not function.These applications include: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento. Also enables the standalone LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQl and PHP). 

We recommend using the cPanel MySQL wizard as it gives a user-friendly database creation guide that ensures new databases are correctly configured with a user specific database prefix and an assigned user with configurable permissions.

You can also opt to setup your MySQL database manually. This interface also lets you check and repair a database within cPanel. 

cPanel also supports the viewing and manipulation of individual databases and their tables through phpMyAdmin.

MySQL Wizard

  1. Login to your cPanel control panel.
  2. Click to “MySQL® Database Wizard” in the “Databases” section.


  1. Enter a database name. Click next step.


  1. Enter a username.


  1. Either use the password generator or enter a password. Click next step.


  1. Configure the users privileges for the account.


  1. You have completed the setup. From here you can choose to add additional databases, users or return to your main control panel area.


Manual Setup 

  1. Continue from step 1 above. 
  2. Click "MySQL® Databases" in the "Databases" section. 


  1. Enter a name for the database.
  2. Click "Create Database" > "Go Back".


  1. Navigate to "MySQL Users" > "Add New Users"
  2. Create new users credentials including: Username, Password. 
  3. Click "Create User" > "Go Back". 


  1. Navigate to "Add User To Database"
  2. Select the User & the Database you want them to have permissions for.


  1. Configure the users permissions.   



If you’re using WordPress, it's important to note that the database prefix, table prefix and database user credentials must be correctly configured within wp-config.php. Incorrect configuration will stop WordPress from working correctly causing the “Error establishing a database connection” message to appear.

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