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Prerequisite Information 

To set up your e-mail account for use on your iPhone, you must first have a working account with the login details to hand.
If you're unsure whether you have an email or want to learn more we have an existing guide that can help! To see sent mail within your iPhone you will need to configure it

How do I add my Email account?

  1. Go to Settings > Mail
  2. Add Account.

    Adding an email account in iOS mail

  3. Click ‘Other’ and then ‘Add Mail Account’.

    iOS mail app adding accountiOS adding an other email account

  4. Fill in the details with the e-mail address and password for the account you wish to set up.

    configuration of other account type in iOS mail

  5. Select the type of account that you wish to have, IMAP or POP. Then fill in the username and password fields for both your Incoming and Outgoing mail server with your e-mail address and password. Input the server for both as, replacing the ‘’ with your actual domain name. Click Next to proceed.

    configuration of ingoing and outgoing servers in iOS mail

  6. Click Save to complete, and congratulations you have set up your mail account on your iPhone!

    completed mail configuration in iOS mail

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