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You will need to purchase an SSL certificate for this guide. This purchased SSL combined with your generated CSR will be used within the installation process

How do I get my SSL working?

  1. Login to your client area

unlimited webhosting login page

  1. Click on manage services
  2. Click on the SSL certificate

unlimited webhosting manage services

  1. Click view certificate details
  2. Click configure certificate
  3. Select the server type from the drop down list (Usually Plesk or cPanel).
  4. Enter your previously generated CSR code.
  5. Enter all relevant details including name, address and contact number. Remembering to use the international code (+44 for UK, etc).

unlimited webhosting SSL details page

  1. Select the validation method (Email is recommended).

unlimited webhosting SSL validation method

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact support. 

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