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WordPress installation with Softaculous

This guide assumes you have either a cPanel Hosting account or a VPS with cPanel installed and know how to access it.

  1. Log into your cPanel account using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to the Software section and click Softaculous Apps Installer
  3. If WordPress is visible you can install it by hovering over it and clicking install. Alternatively, use the search feature to find WordPress and then click install. 
  4. After clicking install you will be prompted to select a protocol, Enter a domain name and choose a directory to install WordPress to (Leaving blank will install in root directory).
  5. Set a site name, set description and ensure that multisite is disabled.
  6. Set an admin username, password and email [Ensure that you remember these as you will need them to access your WP-admin dashboard].
  7. It is recommended in this section that you enable all auto upgrade features as they will help protect your site. You can also use advanced options to change the name and table prefix if you desire to. 

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