Transfer a domain

When you purchase a domain name, you become the domain registrant. That means the registrar has notified the registry, you have full control over that domain name for a specified period. This period is how long you have registered the domain; it can be as long as ten years.

Why should I transfer my domain?

You can complete a domain transfer easily. Allowing you to change who manages the domain. For the most part, this is done to get a better deal. However, it can be to consolidate existing hosting services.

For whatever reason, you have the right to transfer your domain at any time, unless under specific restrictions. For instance, you cannot transfer a domain more than once within 60 days, to prevent domain hijacking.

TLDs or Top Level Domains, for instance, .com and, are managed by different registries, each with different transfer procedures in place.

To transfer your domain to us, please take note of the below guides. Referencing the TLD you wish to transfer.

Transfer my domain

Check the domain is not locked. If locked, the transfer will be prevented due to the following error: clientTransferProhibited.

This will prevent issues later that could lead to increased waiting times. If you’re unsure how to unlock your domain, please visit your current registrar’s website for more information.

[For a or other UK TLD] You need to ask your existing domain provider to change the IPS TAG on the domain to ours which is ‘UNLIMITED‘. Once completed, and under our tag, the domain is transferred. Important: You’re still required to create a transfer purchase order for this process to be completed.

[For a .com, net, .org or other TLD] Request an authorization code (EPP code) from your current registrar, this will be required in the next step.

1. To transfer your domain to us, you will need to initiate the transfer process by visiting this area of our website.

Initiating a domain transfer
Initiate transfer

2. Now you have entered the domain and auth code (If needed), configure your domain by adding all the relevant information including, the registrant name.

Configure domain for transfer
Configuration Information

3. After you have completed this, please continue to the checkout area to finish the process.