How do I create an Email?

You need an email

This article helps you to create an email. Whether you’re a business or an individual, a custom Email matching your domain can be very valuable. 

  • They help to improve name recognition, awareness of you or your brand. For instance, a customer can easily recognize emails sent from your business.
  • Because they’re custom to your business, they increase its credibility.
  • They have a more professional feel. Whether applying for jobs or managing your customer relationships, having a custom Email address makes you stand out. 

Email accounts can be set up on any domain, providing there is web hosting for it. 

Quick create tool.

Sometimes, the best option is the quickest. We provide a quick create email feature that is just that.

  • Log in to your unlimited web hosting client area.
  • From the main panel, click on Manage Services. This takes you to a list of your current services.
  • Now, click the correct hosting service.
  • Finally, enter the email details into the quick create tool and click create.

Create an email in cPanel

  • For cPanel hosting or cPanel VPS customers: create an email using your domain quickly and simply through your cPanel area. 
  • Firstly, log into your cPanel control panel using your username and password.
  • Once you have logged in, navigate to email accounts in the email section.
  • You can now populate all fields with the desired values. [RECOMMENDED: Use the password generator to generate a unique, strong password]
  • Edit the mailbox quota or select unlimited.
  • Click, create account.

Create an email in Plesk

  • Customers with Plesk hosting or a Plesk VPS can create emails through the Plesk Obsidian panel by following these steps. 
  • Login to your Plesk control panel.
  • Within this area, click “show more”
  • From here, click the button “show email addresses”
  • Click create email address
  • Enter email address
  • Enter or generate a password [RECOMMENDED: Use generate feature as it creates a unique, secure password]
  • Click OK

If you encounter difficulties please contact our support team who are always happy to help..