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How do I Prevent & Remove Malware

Malware has been around for a while. And, over time has come increased complexity. In its spread and, the obfuscation methods in place to prevent detection. Protecting against and tackling malware is a critical issue for individuals and businesses alike. Especially those with web hosting that relies on WordPress which dominates the CMS market with […]

How do I connect to the server using SSH?

SSH or Secured Shell is a network protocol that allows you to connect and manage a server via a CLI or command line interface. This is perfect for power users who have more advanced knowledge. When used correctly, these commands can significantly increase the speed of administrative & development tasks.  Most Linux distributions & MacOS […]

How to improve your security online

Passwords are crucial for securing your account access & personal information online. A strong password is one that is complex, unique, and difficult to guess or crack and can significantly reduce the risk of cyber attacks. The best practices for password creation are as follows: Alone, passwords are no longer enough to protect against unauthorised […]

JetBackup 5 – Backup & Restore

The latest iteration of JetApps feature-rich backup & restore software that is easy to access straight from your cPanel control panel. JetBackup 5 builds on the existing features and design of JetBackup 4 with a fresh look and easy-to-use interface. All of our shared hosting customers including cpanel reseller hosting have access to JetBackup. And, […]

Manage Nginx – Enable, Disable and Clear Nginx Cache

Enable Nginx Cache in cPanel Disable Nginx Cache in cPanel Clear Nginx Cache cPanel Nginx is now enabled by default for all packages as a reverse proxy cache. Normally, the benefits of caching are visible through an increase in the general speed and availability of your sites via caching. This works by saving a copy […]

How do I password protect a folder?

If someone shares secure data by mistake, this could cause serious repercussions to them, and the business they work for. In most cases, we (humans) are our own worst enemy. Most secure data “incidents” occur due to human error. Unfortunately, there are many criminal entities that exist solely to obtain compromised sensitive information. This technique […]

How do I use the file manager?

The cPanel file manager supports the creation, uploading, editing, and deletion of files. If you’re a cPanel hosting customer, you have access to the tool. A GUI-based tool, it makes the navigation and alteration of an account’s files easy. Because of its simplicity, it makes short work of small tasks. An alternative to the tool […]

How do I access my control panel?

To access either your cPanel, WHM, or Plesk control panel you must first purchase either a cPanel hosting account or a Plesk hosting account or have a licensed product on your VPS package. There are two ways to do this. Either through our client area or directly by using the details contained within your welcome […]

How do I manage my payment details?

Keeping track of your spending across our services helps you better manage your account. And, enables forecasts and subsequent plans. This is especially true for business owners, who need to create budgets and have auditable billing records. Being able to manage these details easily, enables you to keep a close eye on all of your […]

How do I make a contact form?

A contact form is easy to create and integrate into an existing website. Whilst simple contact forms can be very beneficial for most websites. They enable simple communication between yourself and any visitors to your site. They’re also a lot easier than having to call up and wait for a representative of the site. If […]