How do I use the file manager?

What is the File Manager

If you’re a cPanel customer, you will have access to the file manager tool. This GUI-based tool makes the navigation and alteration of an accounts files easy. Especially for users inexperienced with the Linux command-line. An alternative to this tool would be FTP; has many similarities but requires more configuration before it can be used. Want to learn more about FTP?

For Resellers

  • Login to the WHM control panel. You can do through /whm or port :2087.
  • Search “List Accounts”
  • Click the “cP” logo for the customer whose files you wish to manage.
WHM list accounts
List accounts
  • Continue from below. 

For shared hosting

  • Login to your cPanel account.
  • Under the “File” section, Click “File Manager”.
cPanel file manager in files
Location of file manager
  • The left column shows a search bar & tree structure of the different directories and files that can be found on this cPanel account.
cpanel file manager list
  • The right column shows you the contents of these directories allowing you to navigate the file structure of this cPanel account.
File manager file view
File view
  • In the top navigation bar, you may notice a number of features including: “Upload”, “Move”, “Copy”, etc.
File manager commands
  • In the secondary navigation bar, you may notice a number of helpful navigation features including: “Home”, “Back”, “Select All”, etc.
  • For files that already exist you can easily drag and drop between different folders/directories.