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How do I create addon domains?

By creating an addon domain, you can add additional domains to your existing cPanel or Plesk account. This provides a degree of flexibility for your hosting, allowing you to host multiple sites at once without needing a more expensive reseller hosting package. This is great for when you need to have more than one website […]

How do I edit my host file?

The most common reason to edit the host file is to test a website before changing the ‘live DNS’ to complete a migration.  To do this, you should add lines as shown below: x.x.x.x x.x.x.x Replace ‘x.x.x.x’ the IP address of your service with ourselves, and with the domain for which you […]

How do I force HTTPs ?

Without HTTPS active, even with an installed certificate, your site will not be correctly secured using SSL/TLS. Therefore, it’s important it is enabled to reap the benefits of having an SSL/TLS certificate. Why should I force HTTPs on my site? HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. Alongside SSL, it helps ensure that privacy and data integrity […]

How do I create custom nameservers?

To configure your custom nameservers, you need to own or manage a domain. Custom name servers help differentiate you from the competition. As a reseller, your clients can differentiate your brand from others. This is because nameservers are under your own custom domain.  Uniformity provides a greater sense of security for your clients, making your […]

How do I manage my nameservers?

No domain? Get started with thousands of custom domain names to choose from. Browse domain names today. Nameservers exist to make navigating the internet easier. They contain specific information pertaining to a domain’s DNS records, which guide requests to the relevant services, including the website itself via A and AAAA records but also Email via […]