SSL Certificates Support

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How do I secure Plesk mail with SSL?

When you send and receive email via your domain name using IMAP, POP, and SMTP, you should secure the mail with an SSL/TLS certificate. This provides increased security to your mail, allowing you to use secured ports during setup and enhancing your trustworthiness; it is also more professional. You can easily secure your mail in […]

How do I configure my SSL certificate?

You will need to purchase an SSL certificate for this guide. This purchased SSL combined with your generated CSR will be used within the configuration & installation process.  SSL Certificates at Unlimited Before you can install your SSL, you need to first configure it. This configuration will tie your new SSL to your domain name […]

How do I install an SSL Certificate?

To proceed with SSL certificate. You require both a valid certificate and Certificate Signing Request. Dependent on your validation type, you may receive your certificate details via email, or within the manage services section of your client area. By securing your domain through an SSL certificate, you reassure visitors to your website of both it’s […]

Generate a Certificate Signing Request

A CSR or Certificate Signing request is a critical part of attaining an SSL/TLS certificate. The CSR itself is generated on and used by the same server for which the certificate is intended. It contains information that the Certificate authority (CA) will use to create the certificate for your website, including the common name (domain […]

How do I install a free SSL?

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are great, at Unlimited Web Hosting we take your security seriously. As a result, we provide Let’s Encrypt functionality across all of our cPanel hosting and Plesk hosting web servers including for our Resellers, who can secure all their clients for free, forever. We support both standard and Wildcard SSL certificates […]