Manage your VPS

A VPS or Virtual private server is perfect for anyone who wants more control over their website and its resources. Generally speaking, a Virtual private server is a more bespoke option for any web host or reseller to consider.

At Unlimited Web Hosting, we aim to provide the best quality insights on making the most out of your virtual private server and getting a better return on your investment.

Your VPS

[custom_alert type=”primary”]To manage your server, please head over to your client area and login to your server.[/custom_alert]

1. From the main client area page, in the manage services section. Click manage services as shown below.

Unlimitedwebhosting client area manage services
Manage Services

2. After entering the manage services, select your server for the list of services.

3. Now you can manage your server using the panel below. These basic commands include changing the password, starting, stopping and rebooting the server.

VPS manager commands list
Commands List

4. Also, within the manage services section, you can monitor the status of your server. This allows you to check if the server is running and its last recorded resource usage.

[custom_alert type=”info”]This tool can be especially useful in diagnosing issues with your VPS. As these are usually caused by resources or lack thereof.[/custom_alert]

vps information in management area
VPS Information