Restart httpd

[custom_alert type=”primary”]Only customers with a VPS package can restart Apache and other services[/custom_alert]

Apache or Apache HTTP server is open-source software which without lots of the internet would stop working. Apache is a middleman, it’s not a physical server, and it doesn’t hold actual content. This is because its purpose is to pull content from a server and serve it to the client machine via an HTTP request.

At Unlimited Web Hosting, all of our hosting plans include Apache. Sometimes, restarting Apache is the best fix. This is usually a simple task.

Restarting Apache with cPanel/WHM

1. Firstly, log in to your cPanel/WHM control panel.

2. Now that you’re logged in, use the search bar in WHM search for Apache.

3. The restart services category will appear, Click HTTP Server (Apache)

4. Afterwards, to the right of the navigation bar, there will be a prompt. Click yes to begin the restart process.

5. A loading bar will appear, indicating the restart is in progress.

6. Consequently, if the restart was successful, you will see the message Apache has successfully restarted!

Restarting Apache with Plesk

1. Firstly, log into your Plesk control panel.

2. Once you have logged in, using the navigation sidebar, click tools & settings under the server management category.

3. Whilst in tools & settings, under server management, click on services management. This area controls all running services on the server including Apache, which may be at the top or bottom depending on the version of Plesk.

4. Hover over Web Server (Apache) from here you can stop, start or restart the Apache service using the available buttons.

5. To restart Apache, click the Cog button labelled restart the service. The restart process is initialised. You will be prompted once it has been completed.

Restart Apache via the Command line

[custom_alert type=”primary”]In most cases, graceful is all that is required. It will only restart idle processes.[/custom_alert]

1. Open your SSH client and connect to your VPS using your SSH details.

2. Restart the Apache service using one of the below commands.

2.1. Graceful Restart

[custom_code_block id=”restart-copy-1″]service httpd graceful[/custom_code_block].

2.2. Full Restart

[custom_code_block id=”restart-copy-2″]service httpd restart[/custom_code_block].