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How do I add my custom domain name to iCloud Mail?

Don’t have a domain name? Elevate your business, secure your custom domain name now! Table of Contents Set up iCloud Mail iOS or iPadOS macOS Windows 10 Add your custom domain name to iCloud Update your DNS Zone in cPanel & Complete set up What is iCloud Mail? iCloud Mail is Apple’s mail service, use […]

How do I add an SPF record?

SPF or Sender Policy Framework is a published DNS record specifying domains or IP addresses authorized to send emails for a domain. Inbound emails that do not match the published SPF are spam. SPF records help authenticate the email sender against a list of authorized senders. This provides a safeguard against email spoofing. The quantity […]

How do I log in to webmail?

Webmail is a way to access, use, and manage email from a browser. Use it to securely access your email without needing to download additional email software. It can work across most devices with an internet connection, including PCs, Tablets, and Mobile devices. The following are common issues which may prevent access Recently registered or […]

How do I set up autoresponders?

An email autoresponder is easy to add in cPanel, to get started with autoresponders get your cPanel hosting account now! Autoresponders make up part of essential CRM practices, making sure that interactions with your customers flow in a manner that promotes your business and therefore your products. By having auto-reply type features enabled for certain […]

How do I add email to an Android device?

This guide is for Andriod, Learn how to setup your email on an iPhone. Setting up an email on your android device is easy. It has loads of benefits, the main one being the ability to access and manage your email on the move; portability promotes efficiency and can make it easier to manage and […]

How do I add my email to Gmail?

Want to add your email to Outlook instead? Find out more about adding your email to Outlook. Gmail, is one of the most popular email management platforms. Partly because you are able to link and manage an existing email address in Gmail. This works similar to applications such as Microsoft Outlook & Mozilla Thunderbird to […]

How do I set up forwarders?

Forwarders are great, and cPanel comes with forwarders built-in. This is great because it simplifies the process of creating them, meaning anyone with a cPanel Hosting account or a cPanel licensed VPS can redirect multiple emails with a few clicks. They utilize the well-known concept of email forwarding, meaning emails sent to an address send straight […]

How do I set up a mailing list?

Warning: Misuse of mailing lists will lead to suspension and manual action. Mailing lists are a great feature when correctly utilized. They add real value to existing marketing strategies, allowing for further retention. However, there are a few caveats: Malicious use. Which includes sending out spam mail, will result in an account suspension. This is […]

How do I add my email to Outlook?

This guide is for Outlook, want to use Gmail instead? This guide will aid you in setting up Microsoft Outlook. Either manually through the use of IMAP (or POP3) and SMTP, or automatically via the auto account tool. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email providers. Furthermore, if set up correctly, you can […]

Our email size limits

Email limits The limit is 20 MB. If you need to send larger files, we suggest you use a service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer. Importance of limits Email size limits are used for 3 main reasons: Performance. Firstly, email systems are not designed for large attachments or to transfer large files. SMTP, enables email. However, […]

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