How do I add my email to Gmail?

Gmail, is one of the most popular email management platforms. Partly because you are able to link and manage an existing email address in Gmail. This works similar to applications such as Microsoft Outlook & Mozilla Thunderbird to name a few.

This can be very powerful if used correctly. For instance, adding an email account to Gmail enables access to some of Gmail’s features, including:

  • Multiplatform Support – A web-based app, an iOS app, and an Android app.
  • In-built email forwarding support.
  • Search feature that is both quick and reliable.
  • Support for multiple mailboxes or email accounts.
  • Ability to move and manage a mail in the user-friendly Gmail interface (Filtering, Tagging Mail)

POP3 and its Limitations

POP3 or Post Office Protocol version 3 is an email protocol used to retrieve emails remotely from a hosted mail server; in this case, your hosting package. By internet standards, POP3 is fairly old, the first version being released in 1984, it has undergone 3 different versions since. However, POP3 remains popular due to its compatibility with most mail software natively supporting popular applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Mozilla Thunderbird.

This compatibility comes from the inherent simplicity of POP3, allowing easy configuration, operation, and maintenance of enabled systems. However, POP3 has limitations and these are most apparent when compared to IMAP, which mirrors emails across devices rather than download the email for use on one device.

Before you can add an email to Gmail, create an email using your custom domain. Afterward, start reaping the benefits of using your custom domain email in Gmail.

Add your email to Gmail

Before you can add your email to your Gmail account, you will need to create an email. Throughout this guide, images used to highlight relevant areas can aid with the set-up process.

  • Firstly, login to your Gmail account and click the settings cog.
  • From here, under Quick Settings, click See all settings.
The all settings menu in Gmail web application.
Gmail all settings
  • Afterwards, in the main Gmail settings area, under Accounts and Import, click Add an email account.
The Accounts & Imports section in Gmail settings.
Accounts & Import
  • Now you’re in the Gmail Add an account wizard, enter the email address you want to add to your Gmail account. Once that’s done, click Next to proceed.
Add an email account to Gmail.
Add account
  • Afterwards, you will be presented with a radio button. Gmailify, is currently unavailable. Import emails from my other account (POP3) should be selected, click Next.
Add an email account to Gmail using Gmailify or POP3
Import from POP3

  • In the add an email account window, populate the fields using the mail settings table.
Usernameyour full email address – this is the email you have set up already.
Passwordyour password – the password you created for your email address.
POP Server cloud*** – this is an example server hostname for one of our shared services*
yourdomain.tld – The domain associated with your web hosting package.
Port110 – Unencrypted (Unsecured) POP3
995 – Encrypted (Secured) POP3
Mail Settings

There are a number of different configurations to choose from.

  • We recommend replacing cloud*** with the hostname for your server, found within your welcome email. This will let you use the secured port number, and the “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail” setting.
  • You can also use your own domain. However, for this to work using the secured port, you will need to install an SSL certificate that covers the mail service for your domain. Get a free SSL certificate now.

The additional settings checkboxes are personal preferences and are fairly self-explanatory.

  • Once you have entered all the mail settings for the email account, click the Add Account button to proceed.
Enter the POP3 mail settings for the email address.
Configure POP3

  • Afterwards, in the window pop-up, select yes & click Next Step. This will proceed with the email account set up using SMTP for outgoing mail control.
  • Firstly, enter your name or the name you would like associated with the account. For instance, if this is address represents a contact form a good name might be: “Contact Form”.
  • Now, enter the email address you want to add to Gmail.
Enter the SMTP configuration details for the email address.
  • Next, in the “Send emails through your SMTP server” window, populate the SMTP configuration fields using the SMTP settings table below.
SMTP Servercloud***.thundercloud.ukthis is an example server hostname for one of our shared services*
The domain associated with your web hosting package.
Username & PasswordYour username & password. Both should be exactly the same as your POP3 details. Unless
SSL/TLS Check-boxes Secured connection using TLS
  • Afterwards, click Add Account. This will finish the SMTP set up wizard and begin verifying your details.
Enter the SMTP server details for the email address.
Configure SMTP

Verify set up

  • First, check your inbox for the verification email, this may take some time to arrive. After it has arrived, click on the confirmation link or copy the verification code. Finally, click verify, completing the process.


Not loading correctly

Entering the incorrect details is very common during first time set up. Unfortunately, usually fixing these details alone won’t solve your issue. This is because of a block on your IP address, caused by multiple failed authentication attempts. Get in touch with our support team, to remove it.

POP3 Server Denied Access.

The dreaded POP3 Server Denied Access error code occurs due to an authentication error. There are a few ways around this issue, including:

  • Sign-out of all your Google/Gmail accounts currently open on the device.
  • Open an in-private or incognito browsing window.
  • Log in to your Gmail account. Then attempt adding the POP3 account again.
  • Didn’t work? Repeat the first 2 steps, this time enable less-secure apps and re-allow access to your Gmail account.