Set up mail forwarders

Forwarders are great, and cPanel comes with forwarders built-in. This is great because it simplifies the process of creating them, meaning anyone with a cPanel Hosting account or a cPanel licensed VPS can redirect multiple emails with a few clicks.

They utilize the well-known concept of email forwarding, meaning emails sent to an address are sent straight to another address. This is useful if you have an irrelevant email address that you want to associate with a specific business or website area. Also, if set up correctly, email forwarding can reduce your resource usage, giving you more freedom to grow.

For example, a forwarder set up from contact@yourdomain.tld to from a customer perspective, the latter is very unprofessional and could turn people away from you and your business.

Forwarders can be a simple and effective solution for small businesses. For example, they can be used to centralize multiple different contact channels to one address. This makes it easier to control multiple contact areas and shields personal email addresses from the outside.

Need an alternative to forwarders? Set up your custom domain email in Gmail, or you can set up your email in Outlook.

Set up forwarders in cPanel

1. Firstly, log in to your cPanel control panel.

2. Afterwards, in the email section. Click forwarders, this will take you to the forwarder tool in cPanel.

Forwarders in cPanel

3. Now you have accessed the forwarders tool. Click on the add forwarder button to create a new forwarder.

cPanel Forwarders Menu
Manage forwarders

4. Continuing on, enter the email address you want to forward from. This is split into two sections, in the example shown: testing@knowledgebase.testingtest; testing is the address to forward and knowledgebase.testingtest is the domain.

5. Afterwards, under destination, there is also two sections: forward to an email address; and re-routing the emails to that address. Or discard and send an error to the sender (at SMTP) time, which deletes those emails and sends an error notification to the sender.

cPanel forward to address
Forward to Address

6. Finally, complete the set up by clicking the add forwarder button.