How do I setup forwarders & autoresponders?

What are forwarders & autoresponders?

cPanel comes with forwarders & autoresponders built-in. This is great because it simplifies the process.
Furthermore, this means anyone with cPanel Hosting or a cPanel VPS package can redirect multiple emails effectively.

By having auto-reply type features enabled for certain emails, you better position your business for a number of situations. Whether that be setting up an out-of-hours response for customer enquiries or sending a confirmation upon receipt of an email.

Setup forwarders & autoresponders in cPanel 

Forwarder Setup

  • Firstly, login to your cPanel control panel.
  • Afterwards, navigate to the “Email” section. Clicking “Forwarders”.
Forwarders in cPanel
  • Within the forwarders area click on “Add Forwarder”.
cPanel Forwarders Menu
Manage forwarders
  • Now please enter the email address to forward to.
    Do this by selecting or entering an email address under “Destination”
cPanel forward to address
Forward to Address
  • Finally, complete the setup by clicking “Add Forwarder”

Autoresponder Setup

  • Firstly, login to your cPanel control panel.
  • Now you have logged in, navigate to the “Autoresponders” in the “Email” section. Click it.
cPanel Autoresponders
  • Click “Add”
Add autoresponder cPanel
  • Leave the character set as “UTF-8”
  • Enter the email address. 
  • Select the domain. 
  • Enter “From”, “Subject” & “Body” fields. 
  • Using both “Start” & “Stop” you can modify when it runs. 
  • Finally, click “Create”
cPanel autoresponder configuration