Install Plesk on a VPS

To install Plesk on a VPS you will need a basic understanding of CLI or the command line interface, this allows you to run commands directly on the server. As a VPS owner, this will be at the root level, so we advised caution when running some commands as they could damage any existing data.

Plesk is a good alternative to cPanel/WHM, with a similar feature set and easy-to-use interface. The Plesk licence is also a cheaper option compared to its more popular equivalent. Plesk might be a good option if you’re a reseller who is trying to cut down the cost of your operation.

Install Plesk with PuTTY

1. Open PuTTY and enter the IP or Domain address, selecting SSH as the connection type.

2. Enter your VPS username, When prompted either copy & paste or type the password for your VPS.

3. Head over to the official Plesk installation guide.

4. Enter the command from the Plesk installation guide into PuTTY it will look similar to the command below:

sh <(curl || wget -O -

5. Allow some time for the Plesk installer to run.

6. Enter your VPS' IP/Domain information into your browser's address bar, with either:8443 at the end.