Configure my SSL certificate

SSL Certificates at Unlimited

Before you can install your SSL, you need to first configure it. This configuration will tie your new SSL to your domain name and the server it is hosted on via the selected validation method. Your SSL needs to be configured configuration your SSL certificate cannot be installed.

Configure your SSL

1. Firstly, log in to your unlimited web hosting client area.

unlimited web hosting client login page
Client login page

2. From your client area, click the manage services button.

3. Afterwards, inside the manage services area, click the SSL certificate you wish to configure.

unlimited web hosting client area manage services
Client area manage services

4. From here, click the green view certificates details button.

5. Finally, click the configure certificate button on this page.

Certificate configurator

1. Firstly, using the drop-down list select the server type, this is usually Plesk or cPanel.

2. Enter your previously generated CSR code.

3. Enter all relevant details including name, address, and contact number.

Unlimited web hosting ssl configurator
Client SSL configurator

4. Finally, select the validation method, we recommend using email validation as it has some advantages over HTTP validation.

configure ssl validation method
SSL validation methods

5. Congratulations, if configured correctly, you can now proceed with the installation of your new SSL certificate.